February 7, 2012

Quilt in a Day? How about 3 in a day!

My cousin, Belinda, posted on Facebook about wanting some assistance with making a quilt for a classmate of one of her children. I told her i'd be glad to help her, so she sent a note home with all of the children in the class asking for donations of fabric, money, thread, etc that could be used to make this child a quilt. She got such a huge response that we decided to make one for this child's 2 siblings as well. 

I told her to try and find out what the kid's favorite colors were, so we could target our fabrics towards that. She wanted something bright and cheery because these kids had just lost their mother.  So, last week she came up at about 10 in the morning. We looked over what she had from donations and then set out to the fabric store to find some coordinating fabric.

These are what we came up with: 
This is the first one we did. She loved the large floral print, so we found a cute stripe and a dot to mix in with it. She really wanted to showcase the main fabric and not let anything else get in the way. 

We did a simple 4 patch of squared to go between the focus fabric. We looked for something for a border, but couldn't find quite the right fabric. She found a cute lemon solid that matched perfectly and added that as a border around the whole thing. 

Next is the one we made for her child's classmate: 

This was made mainly from fabric from my collection.  She really wanted bright and cheery fabrics that just seemed happy and cheerful. We found the chevron fabric at Brooks, in Bountiful, that brought all the colors together.  I like the way it turned out. 

Then we made one for the boy: 

We found the stripe and thought it was good for a boy and then put a gray dot, the black with lime dot's and turquoise solid to go with it.  Just basic squares, but its good for a boy! 

We did all three in one day. She found someone to machine quilt them and i'll help bind them if she needs it! It was a great day of quilting. 


  1. It was SO great! Thanks, Johnny! They were a hit!

  2. Love that orange, pink, and green one... it totally pops! What a wonderful story too ~