March 9, 2012

Big Quilt Project

This is posted from my cousin Belinda Madsen, and the post she did over on her blog. I'm grateful for the chance I had to share my talents with her... And it was so great getting to know her better in the process.

I am the room mom in my son's first grade class. Earlier this year, one of his classmates lost her mother and we wanted to do something for her. His teacher, Mrs. Hollingshead, suggested that maybe we could make her a little blanket.

People shouldn't say things like that to me because my perfectionism always takes over and little projects become huge month-long endeavors requiring hours of work and lots of money.

One blanket turned into three since we couldn't leave out her brother and sister at a time like this. My little project became an enormous one and pretty overwhelming.

Of course, I had help. Plenty of it. We had an unbelievable number of fabric donations; money too. A certain mom even took her two-year-old twins to Joann (in my eyes, the ultimate sacrifice) to buy batting and the perfect fabrics.

One problem...

I had never made a quilt before in my life. I can barely sew a straight line.

I am so blessed to have wonderful, talented relatives, who can come to my rescue at times like these. My cousin, Johnny, an expert quilter, came up with such fun designs, each one different. He taught me how to sew a straight seam and put the pieces together. We made all three quilt tops in one day. Amazing, right?

Next, came the question of how to put them together. Some ladies suggested tying them. That just doesn't meet my standards, so I made a few phone calls and found the generous Denise Hone, who sweetly machine quilted all three for an amazing price.

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  1. You have a warm heart! I love you Johnny B. I'm glad you were able to help your cousin bring joy to a family in need. You inspire me. 4444